Download Album Billie Eilish - dont smile at me

Song Artist Duration Size
party favor Billie Eilish 03:24 7.05 MB
idontwannabeyouanymore Billie Eilish 03:23 6.86 MB
bellyache Billie Eilish 02:59 6.16 MB
my boy Billie Eilish 02:50 5.92 MB
&burn Billie Eilish & Vince Staples 02:59 6.23 MB
COPYCAT Billie Eilish 03:13 6.61 MB
watch Billie Eilish 02:57 6.24 MB
hostage Billie Eilish 03:49 7.74 MB
ocean eyes Billie Eilish 03:20 6.76 MB
The album Billie Eilish - dont smile at me contains 9 tracks that accumulates 00:28:54 minutes or 59.56 MB
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A short description:
The irresistible hooks and haunting vocals of bedroom production “Ocean Eyes” made Los Angeles teen Billie Eilish an internet sensation. This debut EP nudges things along nicely with its minimalist beats and lifting-yet-sinister lyricism. A rerecorded “Ocean Eyes” remains unnervingly assured, while the infectious pop of “Bellyache” holds a surrealist, macabre edge. Her voice—melancholy, theatrical, and soaring—impresses throughout and bears comparison to Lorde and Lana Del Rey. It’s hard to believe this all comes from a 15-year-old.