Download Album Luke Combs - This One’s for You Too (Deluxe Edition)

Song Artist Duration Size
When It Rains It Pours Luke Combs 04:02 8.28 MB
Memories Are Made Of Luke Combs 03:36 7.37 MB
Hurricane Luke Combs 03:43 7.70 MB
One Number Away Luke Combs 03:42 7.54 MB
Be Careful What You Wish For Luke Combs 02:55 6.10 MB
She Got the Best of Me Luke Combs 03:03 6.37 MB
Houston, We Got a Problem Luke Combs 03:12 7.04 MB
This One's for You Luke Combs 03:51 7.76 MB
Out There Luke Combs 03:22 7.07 MB
Digital Booklet - This One's for You Too Luke Combs 00:00 8.06 MB
Beer Can Luke Combs 03:30 7.14 MB
Beautiful Crazy Luke Combs 03:13 6.54 MB
A Long Way Luke Combs 03:37 7.40 MB
Lonely One Luke Combs 03:26 7.22 MB
Honky Tonk Highway Luke Combs 03:30 8.23 MB
I Got Away With You Luke Combs 03:50 7.81 MB
Don't Tempt Me Luke Combs 03:31 7.38 MB
Must've Never Met You Luke Combs 03:19 6.81 MB
The album Luke Combs - This One’s for You Too (Deluxe Edition) contains 17 tracks that accumulates 00:59:22 minutes or 131.81 MB
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A short description:
Though Luke Combs was only 27 upon the release of this debut album, his deep, burly pipes bear the vocal gravitas of someone with a lot more miles in their rearview mirror. And whether the North Carolinian is getting reflective on the slow-rolling title track, digging into a four-on-the-floor country rocker like "When It Rains It Pours," or playing with pop hooks on “Hurricane,” he leans all the way in for maximum impact.